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MBS Media & Design Inc.
MBS = Mr. Big Stuff

Founder Allie Tiangco is a graphic designer, a storyteller and a type artist. What started out as a hobby, Allie’s hand drawn type inevitably lead her to Vancouver where graduated from the New Media program at BCIT.

Although the program offered many avenues of new media design and web development, she honed in on the graphic design and video production aspects with aspirations of production design and art direction in TV and film.

- The story behind MBS -

For the record, MBS Media & Design Inc. does not condone animal cruelty.

Allie's dad used to own a cock fighting ring in the Philippines. When she relayed that information to a friend he quickly looked up "famous" fighting roosters.

Mr. Big Stuff was the name of a (former) champion rooster and from that point on she was nicknamed Mr. Big Stuff/MBS.

Mr big stuff

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Designer | Videographer
Allie is a graphic designer, storyteller and type artist. If she’s not behind a camera or computer or drawing, you can find her spinning on the bike at RIDE Cycle Club.

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